Saturday, March 6, 2010

Create: Cornwell Family Rules Canvas

I finally got my Family Rules Canvas done! I started cutting out the letters this week using my Cricut Expression and finished them today. I laid them all out so I could see how they all fit. After moving some around and shortening some phrases, I was ready to glue each letter down.

In searching for other Family Rules Canvases, I was surprised how many people hand cut their letters! I can't imagine having that kind of patience. If I had to do that, I definitely wouldn't do this project. Patience is not one of my gifts! But thankfully I have a Cricut that will cut the letters for me. I suppose to some people cutting the letters might be therapeutic, but not for me!

I wanted my canvas to be different than the others that I saw online, so instead of just vertical lines all of the way down, I put a large scalloped circle to the bottom left. I think it added a little visually to the canvas and it was a great place to put a six inch "C". Each stripe is 2" and each letter is 1.5". The letters are large so I couldn't fit a whole lot of rules, but these were the ones that the whole family agreed on.

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something as often as possible (I realized that every day was unattainable for me).


  1. Amy! Such a darling Family Rules canvas! You did a wonderful job. I love the circle and the tree. Very unique!!


  2. I just stumbled upon this idea today. Yours is PERFECT!! Can you tell me what size canvas you used please? :o) Thanks!


  3. Love this-is it something you sell on your website or just something crafty you did on your own?

  4. @Jody - just something I do on my own. I had considered doing it for sale but it just takes SO long to complete.

  5. I like the "flush" rule..too cute!!

  6. I love it still and I'm contemplating giving it a try- I'm just worried about the lettering

  7. This is great! It turned out so cute. A friend just gave me her Cricut. I have no idea how to use it. Come teach me?


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