Thursday, February 18, 2010

Create: an unattainable goal

Well, I finally realized after a month and a half that my goal of creating and blogging something every day is unattainable for me. The time that I have after the kids are in bed is usually spent with my husband or making jewelry orders (which I am thankful for). To think that I can create something besides jewelry every day is just not feasible. When I told hubby this last night, he just chuckled and said, "I wondered how long it would take you to figure that out." He is sweet enough that he didn't tell me how silly it sounded when I set the goal, he just let me figure it out on my own. So, instead I'll be posting creations as I'm able, with no pressure on myself. I can truly do it for fun and not just to prove something to myself. So, hopefully I'll have a new creation soon!

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something every day (if possible).

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