Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why I Do What I Do

I doubt this comes to any surprise to most of you, but the main reason I work so hard at growing the business are these two...

I work 4 days a week at our church as the Sr. Pastor's assistant and it's a great job. I get to pray, read and even create every day. But it's always been my goal to do the business full time so that I can be there 100% for my children (see my update here, the dream has come true!!). I really want to be there when they need me for school functions and normal, everyday life events.

Another reason is travel. My husband and I love to travel, and the business gives us enough extra income to make that a reality. Now that the business has helped us become debt free, we hope that we can travel even more and have life experiences together as a family of 4, as well as with the extended family and close friends.

My third reason is so that we can be generous. Many of you don't know {because I believe it's something between me and God}, but a percentage of every sale goes to our church to support the church's mission. For the months of November and December I'm giving an extra percentage that will go to our Christmas offering to support the next generation in Nairobi and also here in Noblesville (please consider supporting the next generation as well!). I hesitate to even say anything about what we give because it is a very personal thing, but I also want people to know that when they buy one of my designs, they do go to serve a greater good as well. The business is not and has never been just about me.

All of this to simply tell you where I'm coming from and also to thank YOU. I could not do this without your love and support for the past 7 years while I've had the business. 2010 has been my best year yet as of September and it's all because of you. I do little advertising and the growth of the business has been because YOU have shared my name with your friends or purchased an item for a loved one who then bought one for someone else. So thank you! As a thank you, please feel free to order from today until my deadline on Friday and receive 15% off at amycornwell.com. Enter coupon code - thanks - at checkout to receive the 15% off. I appreciate each and every one of you! Many blessings to you and yours during this Christmas season!


  1. We were watching a home movie from Christmas 2003 the other day and I looked at what Angie was wearing around her neck, and lo and behold we both said "that's an Amy Cornwell design." It was the necklace with the mini clock/watch face you designed just for her to use with her wedding business she had because she didn't care to wear one on her wrist. We're glad to own a piece of vintage AC from back in the day when you first began.

  2. Jennifer Hadfied of Tater Tots and Jello sent me and I'm so glad she did! Wow you have some very beautiful things here! So many things we both like, skeleton keys, angel wings, hearts. But most of all what touched me....your reasons for doing all this....God bless you a thousand fold. Marie


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