Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cornwell Family Rules

A few months back a friend introduced me to the Tatertots and Jello blog. She showed me a super cute Family Canvas that I knew someday I wanted to try. Finally I remembered about it the other day when I saw that canvas was on sale at Michaels and decided to give it a go! So far I just have the paper decoupaged onto the canvas (using Modge Podge). I did a 4" strip at the top where it will say "Cornwell Family Rules" and 2" strips for the rules. I decided to stick with browns, blues and greens for the canvas because I had the tree paper (top) that I knew for sure I wanted to use (the picture does not do the canvas justice - artificial light is not my friend and the Modge Podge was still wet in places). I plan to work on it this weekend and hopefully get a completed product photographed for you all to see. Stay tuned!

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