Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flawed Perfection Jewelry & *Shey*[B]

It's been a really fun 2 weeks receiving some cake pops, my Bible cover, new jewelry and a camera strap cover. One was a giveaway win, one a trade, one a giveaway win and sale purchase and the other was just a goodie for me.

Today I want to tell you about the second set of fun things, the first being my new jewelry from Megan at Flawed Perfection Jewelry. Megan is a college student and entrepreneur. She and I are rooming together in April for Creative Estates yet we've not met IRL yet. She's super sweet and her jewelry has a great look. All of the jewelry goes together and her molecule bracelets are pretty cool. Over Thanksgiving weekend she ran a promotion for a free molecule bracelet with any purchase so I snatched one up along with an Amazonite cluster necklace.

First off, how cute is the packaging on this product? I felt like I was receiving a gift {and I suppose I was, albeit to and from myself}. The jewelry was also gorgeous! I love how large the Amazonite bead is and the molecule bracelet is really fun. I can't decide if I'm going to give it for a gift or keep it for myself. Head on over to Megan's shop and take a look. She has something for just about everyone: simple, cluster, wedding, etc.

Next is my super cute camera strap from *Shey*[B]. I LOVE it. One of my new favorite color combos is yellow and gray so when I saw this in her shop I knew it was for me. The only downside is that she's so busy that her lead time is about a month right now, but it's worth the wait! All of her camera straps are padded and include a lens cover pocket. It fit perfectly on my Canon camera strap. The double yellow ruffles are so cute!

Buying handmade is so important. There are a lot of business owners who pour their heart and soul into what they do. And I know from experience that people LOVE getting handmade gifts that were picked out especially for the recipient and handmade with love and care. A great site to find amazing handmade items is Etsy (and I have a shop there too). Happy shopping!

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