Friday, December 3, 2010

Cravings By Wendy

Last week my cake pops from Cravings by Wendy arrived and I was so excited to open the box to see this lovely package awaiting me...

She sent me three different flavors: pumpkin, red velvet and chocolate (I think, I didn't get any of the third flavor). These cake pops are absolutely gorgeous, I almost hated to eat them!

But I'm so glad I did because they were DELICIOUS! I had two of the pumpkin spice ones and they were amazing. Super moist and the crunch of the chocolate was yummy. My sister-in-law had a red velvet one and she loved it. Check out Wendy's blog - she has just started it and has some amazing photos of what she's done with sweets. Her website is just getting started, but she's been in business for 5 years so if you want some sugary sweets, shoot her an email for ordering information. I highly recommend these - they are wonderful!

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