Saturday, February 20, 2010

Create: a custom tumbler

I'm one of the leaders for our upcoming women's retreat for church. It's been 5 years since we've done a womens retreat and I've always loved them so I'm very much looking forward to the one this year. Another woman on the committee named Sarah is the lead of the Prayer Team. She gave each of us leaders customizable tumbler travel mugs that we could decorate in order to remind us to pray for the retreat and hopefully spark conversation when others see our tumblers when we're out and about. Today I wanted to finally decorate my mug so that I could start using it.

The first thing I did was take the paper out of the inside and cut a cute piece of scrapbook paper to size.

Then I stamped the paper with words from Ali Edwards of Technique Tuesday. I love her stamps! I also stamped out some brackets and wrote "Savor God" on it because it's our unofficial theme for the weekend. It's all about savoring time with God and connecting with other women.

Then I printed three Scriptures that we're considering for the weekend on blue paper and adhered them (Matthew 6:21, Romans 15:13, Psalms 37:4).

Lastly, I wanted to add some sparkle so I took some chipboard glitter swirls that I had in my stash and glued them on. Once they were dry I had to bend them a little bit to get the paper into the cup, but I think they'll hold up okay.

All in all it only took about a half hour to make and now I have a nice little tumbler to take to Starbucks when I go get a latte!

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something as often as possible (I realized that every day was unattainable for me).


  1. Would you happen to know where the mugs were purchased? I have some from the Dollar Tree, but they are strictly hand wash. Are yours, too?

    Also, I have a blogger blog and an etsy shop. How did you get 4 photos instead of the 3 vertical that I had to choose from? I like the 2x2 version you have better. Off now to drool in your shop!

  2. Hey Monika! A lady on the retreat committee got these for us so I'm not sure. They are hand wash as well and even then some water has seeped through.

    For Etsy, it was just one of the options for the Etsy mini. You can tell it the size you want to feature and that was the best size for my blog. I hope you enjoy my shop!

  3. Well Done Monika!!!! Love the are just a creative genius! Thank you for sharing and I hope all of you and yours are doing well!!


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