Friday, February 26, 2010

Catching up on Project Life

I have a great job. I get paid to pray, study the Bible and serve some of our Pastors and Leaders at our church. Last week I was blessed to start a new schedule where I work 8am-5pm and am off on Fridays (I used to work 8am-4:30pm and worked M-F). This enables me to have a 3 day weekend with my family. I LOVE it. Last week was great working 4 days and being off 3 and today was the same.

Today was my second Friday off and we spent the day with Ellie's friend Shelby who spent the night last night. We watched Clifford, ate breakfast, played in Ellie's room, colored, etc. Then we ate with my friend Jodi at Chic-fil-a and the kids played. Bubby was so tired that he fell asleep on the 5 minute drive home! While the kids napped I attempted to make use of my time by making some jewelry (including some new products!),  two decoupage projects and take some pics of the latest pages I've done in Project Life. I am really enjoying this album and how easy it is to document a year of our life. The Project Life albums are sold out right now because they're so popular. It really is a great product!

Since Disney I've only had a week and a half to document so I just have a few pages to show you all. The first 1/2 spread documents the days after coming back from vacation. I wanted to put a picture in of the laundry from our trip because I think that's my least favorite part of coming home after being gone for a week.

This spread included the week of Valentine's Day. While at the sitter both kids made me valentines that I wanted to keep and put in the book. I simply punched a few holes and inserted them right in the middle of the spread. 

Here is the right page of the Valentine's Week spread. Dave sold his first Cessna 400 and so I wanted to make sure that I put that accomplishment in the book. He took the picture for possible inclusion in a magazine and hopefully it'll be on Cessna's website somewhere as well. I'm so proud of him!

Posts with new jewelry and a decoupage tutorial to come soon!

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