Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ellie's Photo Skills

I love how my daughter is growing up to be just like me! She loves to craft, make jewelry and take pictures. For her 4th birthday in October I got her a Barbie digital camera. She was so excited BUT when we opened it up we noticed that it didn't have a viewfinder, which she really wanted. Being the "good" mom that I am I took it back...and didn't get her another camera...they were all too expensive at Meijer. I wanted to wait until I found one that had a good viewfinder and was sturdy enough for her (and her brother when he steals it). Being the "good" mom that I am it's taken me until now - 5 months later - to remember that I needed to find her a camera. While we were at Target last night killing time we saw a cute Vtech Kidizoom camera that was $10 off (only $29.99!!) and I knew that I had to stop dragging my feet and being cheap and get her one. She absolutely loves it! She's been using it non-stop since last night and I thought I'd share some pictures with you all.


  1. My 4yo Ellie loves her camera too! It's interesting seeing the world from 4yo angles, I love sorting through her abstract pics. We actually found the 'real' cameras (here in Aus) were only $20 more than the kids ones, and alot more functional.

  2. I thought about getting her a real camera, but getting her a decent real one here would have been more than $20 and hers has a few games on it too. Someday she'll want a real one and then I'll be in real trouble! Thanks for visiting the blog!


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