Thursday, January 21, 2010

Create: Scripture cards

In the fall of 2009 I took a Bible study at our church called Invisible War by Chip Ingram. It was an amazing study about spiritual warfare and the armor of God. After the study I wanted to create a tool for myself so that I could study and memorize Scriptures from the Bible that dealt with spiritual warfare. I picked Scriptures that Chip listed in the book, printed them out and laminated them.

And then they sat. First on my desk at work. Then on the work space in my studio. Until tonight. While I was working on necklaces tonight I saw them and decided that I'd finally complete the project and make them into something pretty and usable.

The first thing I did was punch a hole in the upper left corner, because I knew that was where I was going to bind them so that I could easily flip through them or add more in the future. I used my Crop-a-dile and it cut through all of the pages at one time so the holes are all even.

Next I found a cute piece of chipboard from Pink Paislee and covered it with the included sticker. Then I cut some cardboard off of an old notebook that was the same size as the Scripture cards and covered it in some funky pink Pink Paislee paper. I added the chipboard piece to the front and punched a hole. I then created a second cover for the back.

I put the book together with the front and back covers, added some ribbon to the ring and I was done! I might add some letters to the front, but not tonight. The beauty of this project is that I can always change out the pages in the middle. I can make it into a brag book with photographs or change out the Scriptures.

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something every day (if possible).


  1. Nice job Amy! It is a beautiful idea that would have worked well for my Month of Monday gift in December...It is a great way to help us carry His word til it's carried in our hearts...Thanks!

  2. I sit, when I should be working. :) I'm finding so many neat ideas on your website. THIS idea would have been a GREAT activity at the retreat. Maybe next time! :)


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