Monday, August 1, 2011

New in Shop: The Reese

About a week after I posted the newest Gold Filled Flat Bar Necklace I saw these two pictures (within days of each other).

Reese Witherspoon AND Kate Hudson wearing gold bar necklaces, just horizontally instead of vertically! I know the pictures are hard to see but I just loved the simplicity and beauty of the necklaces. I don't know if they're stamped or hammered or what, but I decided to use the same bar from the Flat Bar Necklace, hammer it and pair it with the cable chain for my newest creation!

It's simple, gorgeous, and a little bit fancy but still okay to wear with jeans & a tee. If you want it stamped in addition to the hammering you can do that too! The text would look best on this necklace undarkened, so if you choose to have text added it will be left natural. Get yours here! For the time being I'm calling it The Reese to avoid confusion with the other gold filled bar necklace.

Right now I have just 6 available because my supplier is out of stock. I hope to add more once they come back in stock. I also posted a BUNCH of new product in the past week {headbands, rings & necklaces}, you can see all of these new items here.


  1. So good and lovely designs necklaces ring etc. i like thanks for sharing.
    Murano Glass

  2. These are so elegant- I love the gold texture.

  3. Love this necklace!! I've been searching for a great quality necklace and I think I've found it. One question. Can this be made in sterling silver as well? I'd like one in silver and one in gold.

    Thank You - Simone


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