Monday, April 11, 2011

Creative Estates {friendships}

You know why I love social media? Because you can meet other ladies that you wouldn't otherwise know that have similar interests to you. Pair that with a conference like Creative Estates and you get to meet ladies that are amazingly sweet, loving, funny and kind AND you share the same love for creating.

I was blessed to spend the conference weekend with a group of 7 other awesome ladies and the 8 of us ate together, laughed together until 12-1am (3-4am my time - had to throw that in since I mentioned it every night) and had great talks about our businesses. 4 of the 8 of us are "church ladies" and work for our churches as our job. All 8 of us are Christians and it was great to share a love of crafting and a love of Christ with each other.

I wanted to introduce you to each of my new friends, most are small business owners like me so I'd love if you'd check out their shops and show them some love.

Elizabeth @ Sew Chatty
Elizabeth and I hit it off very quickly when we met online a while back. We did a trade and she got one of my ruffle necklaces and I received a super cute ruffle Bible cover. She helped me at the Handmade Market when I was selling my wares. She sells sewn goods in her shop like clutches, coffee cozies and other cute stuff.

Megan @ Flawed Perfection Jewelry
Megan was my roomie and chauffeur. She's a college student who is also a business owner of cute beaded jewelry. She makes really unique molecule bracelets and cluster earrings. They're all made with sterling silver and gemstones/pearls and are gorgeous.

Nicole @ Olive Blue
Nicole is possibly one of the funniest ladies that I've ever met. She is the reason that we all stayed up so late laughing so hard that we were crying. As I write this post I'm wearing one of her cowl's in blue and white. It's adorable and I fear that I'll now be wearing it every day. She also has super cute leg warmers for babies. I always wanted to get some of those for my kids when they were babies but never did. There's nothing cuter than chubby little legs in itty bitty leg warmers to protect their legs.

Ali @ aPearantly sew
Ali is our Southern Belle. Her accent is adorable and so is she. She won I think 3-4 giveaways from this weekend and is now the proud owner of my Love Much necklace. Ali makes awesome sewn goods (like this Lindsay clutch). She's on my side of the country (compared to the other girls who are West Coasters) and lives in North Carolina...I'm so jealous!

Jacqui @ craftee mcgee
Jacqui made us awesome swag for our swag boxes that we received at the conference. Each of us got a rosette headband from her that is adorable. I received a white one and can't wait to wear it now that it's spring.  I also have this necklace from her and am so excited to plan out an outfit to wear it with this week. As if necklaces and headbands weren't enough - she also makes cute flower earrings.

Kristen @ Rock-a-Bow 
Kristen makes all sorts of goodies. She makes super cute Bible cases, girls tutus, and {of course} bows. I have one of the bow headbands in gray and it's precious. I love the fact that I can wear it or Big E could also wear it. Kristen has an awesome testimony of how she came to know Christ sure to check it out!

Katie @ Food, Wine & Mod Podge
I didn't get to talk to Katie much until the last night...her parents live in Phoenix so she wasn't at our late night laugh sessions until the last night {she stayed with them}.  She lives in Downtown Chicago just a few miles from the Magnificent Mile {so jealous}. Her blog features everything in it's title: food (recipes), wine (what wines to cook with, etc) and craft ideas.

Meeting these ladies has been such a joy. Maybe it's my introvertedness or how busy my life is, but I think it's really hard to grow and cultivate and build friendships. But all of these ladies truly feel like some of my new BFF's. We share so much in common and I feel like God has placed them in my life for a reason. I may only see them once a year (hopefully we'll be able to meet up for a craft retreat somewhere) but I know that when we do see each other again it'll be like we never left.

Who do you have like that in your life?

{later on this week I'll tell you more about the conference itself}


  1. It was so wonderful getting to know you too! I'm so with you on what you said in your last paragraph. I find it hard meeting friends that have the same values and loves, especially in Chicago with big-city life, and truly feel that God put us all together there to be in each others lives!

  2. Oh my gosh, this post makes me miss you girls SO much! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you & get to know you! I feel like we are truly life long friends now :)

  3. Okay, I'm totally crying and missing you all terribly!!! Thank you so much for your kind words Amy. I feel so blessed to have met you. Back to the grind today. Laundry...ugh. Can't wait for skype night!!!

  4. ummmm... you are so awesome. I miss you so much and I need more Amy in my life. I feel the exact same way you do and might just copy your post word for word on my blog...wait is that frowned upon? Anywho, come what may we will all stay in touch, probably daily!

  5. I think I actually cried reading this earlier this morning! Now I miss all of you even more :( So glad to have roomed with you Amy and gotten the chance to get to know each of you in real life! My friends here just don't get IT. So happy to now have a group of friends that do! And, church ladies unite!

  6. Soooo, one of the difficult things about running a conference is that you don't really get to spend enough quality time with everyone there.

    I am totally jealous of your time with all of these brilliant women. Hopefully, you will all be back next year and we will have more time together then...

    In the meantime, I am just so happy to have had a chance to meet you. I hope that you'll stay in touch!



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