Friday, March 11, 2011

Amy Cornwell, Consultant?

In the past week, I've had two people I know in real life and two that I don't know contact me in a consultant-type role.

The first was a sweet friend named Stephanie who has had a jewelry business for a few years now that wants to open an online shop. She asked me to sit down for coffee so she could pick my brain and of course I said "yes!!". Coffee, girl time, and talking about what we're both passionate about...of course I'm all in for that one! She's so sweet and I can't wait until her website is up and running so I can introduce her to all of you!

The second was someone that has helped me from the beginning of my business in 2004 and has been an encouragement to me, but he asked ME for help on Facebook. He actually got his question answered before we were able to sit down to meet, but I was honored that he was asking me for help.

The third was an online customer that wants to start her own jewelry business.

The fourth was just yesterday when someone who happened upon my blog because he did a photography search asked me about heat embossing. So completely random because I don't think I've ever posted about embossing, but it is something I know about and have done quite a bit. I helped him with his questions and he was appreciative and posted my url on Facebook {sweet!!}.

What I realized yesterday is that I LOVE helping other people with questions they have whether it be a business related question or craft question. I love where God has placed me right now in the growth of the business (there's nothing better than doing what you love!!) as well as helping others in their endeavors. I feel like such a normal person, but others see me as someone they trust with their questions and as someone that has answers for them whether it be something as {seemingly} small as what to buy for someone who wants to learn embossing all the way to something as huge as starting your own online business. I am so honored when people ask me questions! So if you have any, shoot them my way. I'm not a consultant by any means but I have had my business since 2003 and have been crafting all my life! Have a wonderful weekend - happy crafting!!

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  1. Amy, your personality shines through cyber space. Only great reviews. You are a lady of faith, and many of us admire that. I, too, am praying for a time to get my business started. I have the name, the books, catalogues, CD's, etc.... just one thing... the start up funds. That too shall appear. Love your items.... Bless you and yours, Theresa W.


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