Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Pearl Flower Necklace

I am so excited about these necklaces. Who am I kidding - I'm excited about just about everything - there's such gratification making something with your own hands. Anyone else out there feel that way? I love the feeling of completion of a project.

Anyway - you guys came to see the tutorial and make them yourselves, right? Here goes!

10 - 12mm pearls (I used Swarovski pearls)
sterling silver wire
2 - rings (I used large sterling flat rings)
needle and thread
flower - mine is from this shop
Swarovski crystals for the center of the flowers

Wire wrap your ring to start off the necklace. (Don't know how? Check out this video to see how it's done)

Add a pearl and continue wire wrapping.

Continue with all 10 pearls and finish off with the second ring.

Measure how long you want the necklace to be, subtract the length of the pearls and that's what you have left for the ribbon. Double the length for the ribbon (because it's doubled over on the necklace). Thread the ribbon through one ring and match up the ends.

Take the two ends and slip them through the second ring. Fold over about 1/2".

Sew it closed very well. It doesn't really matter how clean it looks because it'll be covered with the flower.

I don't like the pearls that come in the center of the flowers, so I take them off and sew on Swarovski crystals instead.

Then sew the flower to the ribbon where you want it. I put mine so that the bottom of the flower is just above the ring.

Sewing on some more beads, all the way through the back to the ribbon. Keep tacking it down as you add beads and then knot it when you're done.

All done! 

I've decided I'm going to keep this one for myself the black and silver one below for myself. It reminds me so much of a Stella & Dot piece. Friday afternoon I made a few more of these (I ordered 40 pearls) - one with an emerald green flower (for sale here) and one with a simple bow. I have a fourth necklace that is not finished because I'm trying to decide whether to use ribbon or chain. If any of you make some of these, please let me know because I'd love to see them!

Don't forget about Bracelets for Goats to support people in Africa!

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  1. Oh.my.goodnes.. IN LOVE. I'm tweeting about it now. Beautiful Amy. Thanks for linking up on my pity party. xo, Mique

  2. Beautiful, totally loving it. I would even want to wear it and I don't wear jewlery much.

  3. Love these. Thanks for the tutorial!

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    Contact me here if you have a concern.


  5. This is really a loving site to know the process of making prearl flower necklace. This design of this necklace looks unique and beautiful. The images you have given showing the method of making the necklace is quite informative and impressive. Thanks a lot.


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