Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tutorial: Ball Jar Pincushion

When I was sewing yesterday I realized that I don't have a pincushion. Instead of buying one of those really cute tomato pincushions from the store (hear my sarcasm there - really, was a tomato the cutest thing that the inventor of the pincushion could come up with?), I decided to make my own. I saw a post today where someone had made a pincushion out of an old can and I figured I'd have SOMETHING to make my own out of in my stash of goodies.

This is SUPER easy to make. I kind of feel bad even making a tutorial about it because it literally came together in about 10 minutes.

I started with an old Ball glass jar that has a two-piece lid.

First, take a scrap piece of fabric and place a generous amount of Polyfill on the wrong side.

Bundle up the fabric and put it through the ring part of the lid.

Straighten out the fabric and pull the fabric wherever it needs to be tighter to make it look more like a ball.

Cut the fabric so that there's about 3/4" hanging out of each side.

I wanted it to be secure (more secure than when I just screw on the top) so I sewed the inside haphazardly methodically to ensure that it wouldn't come apart when I unscrew the top of the jar.

That's IT! See? SUPER easy to make. I filled the jar with notions that I had that I wanted to keep on hand and it's sitting in my studio ready for my sewing projects!

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something as often as possible (I realized that every day was unattainable for me).

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