Sunday, February 14, 2010

Create: Feb. 9-11

We had a wonderful 8 day long vacation at Disney World last week and we arrived home (well, me and the kids) on Tuesday the 9th. I knew I had some Valentine's orders that needed to go out quickly so as soon as the kids were in bed on Tuesday night I got stamping. So my creations when I got back into town were just stamped items, but I was excited about two new items that I will soon offer in the shop. The first was something that a customer found online that they wanted me to do for them. It's a medium gold filled disc with the date and a sterling heart with the couples initials. Both charms are hammered which gives it a cool, organic look. I hope to have it in both shops soon.

The other new item that I made was a custom heirloom necklace. The customer actually picked out all of these add-a-charms and put them together as a custom heirloom piece. I hope to have a section on soon where all charms will be listed as add-a-charms so that you can make your own custom heirloom piece to enjoy for years to come!

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something every day (if possible).

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