Saturday, January 16, 2010

Create: striped t-shirt scarf

Today my inspiration was Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff. She's a preacher's wife and has a young daughter but still finds time to craft quite a lot. She uses items she has and makes beautiful jewelry and clothing by re-purposing them. She's my hero! Disney inspired me to make her tshirt scarf from a tutorial she posted back in August.

I started with a striped cotton nightgown that I got years ago for Christmas. I'm not really a nightgown person (sorry to the gifter!) so I decided to reuse it for something else. I did the instructions pretty much as Disney stated, except I used 28 4x4 squares, measuring off of a scarf that I already had that was my perfect length.

Then I pinned the squares together with the corners in the center of the next square. Once it was long enough I used a zigzag stitch to stitch all the way to the end. Disney was right, you do have to be careful that the corners don't come back up on themselves. I have a few corners that came up and got sewn on top of itself but it still looks great.

All in all it took less than an hour and a half start to finish. It was a super easy project and would be great for gifts!

Scarf doubled up around my neck, excuse my crazy face!

I had 16 squares left so I made a short scarf for Sissy. Hers I didn't pin, I just put the squares together as I went and I'd probably do that in the future if I make another. It saved a lot of time and worked just fine. I also alternated the squares on Sissy's.

My hubby is out of town today so I had to take the pictures myself - please excuse my funny face and hair, it's a relaxing Saturday here in the Cornwell house!

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something every day (if possible).

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