Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: 5 alternate uses for scarves {{guest post with Stacie}}

Hello! I am Stacie, and I am so excited to be posting for Amy on today’s Tuesday Tutorial. I look at scarf-related things all day, so I feel like I am becoming a scarf mini expert. (What a fun job!:)) Like me, Amy has a thing for scarves so I thought a few tips on alternate scarf uses might be helpful.

When it comes to decorating, I’ve always been resourceful. I use a pair of deer antlers as a necklace holder. I stack suitcases to hold all the things I don’t use very often. While I love these projects, one of my favorite things to come up with new uses for is scarves. With their typically punchy prints, unique textures, and varied levels of flowiness, (Yes, I made up that word) scarves are so fun to use in creative ways.

5 Alternate Uses for Scarves

1. Make rosettes from old scarves. If you have a scarf with a stain or a hole, make a little flower from it! These little rosettes make great broaches or hair accessories.

Rosette Tutorial

2. Throw Pillows. Fold a scarf to a pillow-size and shape, and use color-coordinating needle and thread to hand-stitch a throw pillow cover. For those who are sewing-challenged, you can simply wrap the pillow for an equally chic effect.

Photo Source

3. Wall Art. In an interesting frame, showcase a smaller scarf or a section of a larger scarf. I found this scarf at an antique fair and I just thought it was the cutest thing. I love maps and I love scarves, so this was the perfect little find. I didn’t want to hide the scarf in a drawer, so I framed it to admire every day. :)
Scarf Art

4. Use a scarf to wrap a gift. If you are like me, you run out of wrapping paper all of the time. The only wrapping paper I have at my house has little reindeer on it. Fix that problem by wrapping a gift for a friend in a scarf. Not only is it part of the present, you don't have to waste any trees for it either.

5. Make a scarf curtain. Simply tack together some scarves to make a unique curtain between rooms. Thrift stores are a great place to find vintage scarves for really low prices.
Scarf Curtain
Photo Source

Hopefully these tips will help you turn your scarves into something beyond a fashion accessory. Thanks again to Amy for letting me write a post. Her blog is such a creative and crafty resource! :)


Thanks Stacie for guest posting today! Aren't these ideas great? I have so many scarves and now I have more uses for them.


  1. Very cool site! I love all your crafts. Especially the many ways you can use scarves. How much fun and color! Thanks for the great read!

  2. love the curtains! what a great way to display some vintage looking pieces! thank you!!


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