Monday, September 19, 2011


Last week started off less than stellar. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Monday and the kids were less-than-obedient all day. The day ended with crying kids and a crying momma on her bed. I hoped to cry it out and compose myself before hubby came home but as I opened my eyes I saw him walk through the bedroom door and say "uh-oh". He's the best...after dinner he handed me some cash and said, "I got this. Don't come back until you've had starbucks and ice cream". So I took him up on it and felt much better once I got home and the kids were in bed ;)

Tuesday both kids had school and when I picked up Big E we headed to the Verizon store to see if there was anything they could do for me. My current (free) phone had been dropped so many times that I couldn't see out of 1/2 the screen but I wasn't up for upgrade until May 2012. Luckily they were running a promotion so that I could upgrade to an IPHONE!!! and I also am getting a $100 gift card back. Um, happy early birthday to me! Tuesday was also the day when this pin rocked my world and I had a record sales day {{EVER}}...the week was looking up!

Wednesday I spent naptime and 3 hours that night making rings & trying to get orders out so I could relax on my birthday. I got everything made, but not shipped. So I figured I'd work a little bit on my birthday and then take the evening off on a date with my man! Thursday started with sweet singing from my three loves and funny cards to make me laugh. Both kids went to school and I headed to the dentist {who does that on their birthday?? I'm crazy!}. Turns out I need 3 fillings so it ended up being an expensive day! Once both kids had lunch I laid them down for naps and got ready to ship orders when I heard the garage door open. I opened the front door and there was my hubs - home early! He said "you have 20 minutes, pack your bags" so I laid the orders down and got packing. I had no idea where we were going but Nana came over to be with the kids and we went on our way to this...

After Monday night's fiasco Hubby decided that I needed a night away - it was the sweetest thing! He researched and researched and found us a beautiful cabin in Brown County (Indiana) to stay at for the night. It had a fireplace (actually 2) and a hot tub. It was SO relaxing! We ate dinner in Nashville, IN at the #1 rated restaurant, Big Woods Brewing Company. I got to pick dinner so we had BBQ pork nachos and BBQ pizza. It was absolutely delicious! The next day we ate Krispy Kreme's in bed and set off for a 3 mile hike.

The hike was gorgeous and we had fun taking goofy pictures...

Going off the path to downed trees (where the rattlesnakes are - no thank you!!)...

We spotted a lover's tree but didn't stay long enough to carve our own initials...

Hung on some vines...

And enjoyed each other's company in the beauty of God's creation...

I'm thinking 32 is getting off to a good start! I am so blessed!


  1. Sounds like an awesome week!! I love that ring, I told my Hubby I wanted it for my birthday!

  2. Happy 32:)
    I love that little ring---hooray for Pinterest!

  3. That sounds just lovely. You are adorable at 32! Loved you sporting the cowl on the hike..its so cute, huh?


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