Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While in New Hampshire we went rock jumping...granted it wasn't a huge, 40 foot rock but it was still very daunting when looking down from the top. All of us jumped except for our two little ones (although E thought she might want to try).

me jumping the first time (I jumped 3 times, what a rush!!)

The best part? My bestie Chrissy overcoming her fear of heights
and jumping off. It took her 15 minutes of this...

...but finally she overcame her fear and took the leap.
I'm so proud of her for facing her fear!

What do you need to overcome today?


  1. How fabulously exciting. Where's it at, girl? Maybe I could ride my mountain bike o'thar and join you. You'll never realize, though, how fab-you-lously exciting Heaven can be... and Heaven's forever. So, lemme wanna gimme your feet. I wanna kiss'm forever for bringing you here. God bless you.

  2. thanks for sharing so good pics of your rock jumping experience


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