Monday, August 8, 2011

open house recap

This weekend I realized I never did an Open House post - only the WIWW. OOPS! This wasn't the first open house in my home, but it was the first where I had other vendors selling with me. I thought the turnout was great and am so excited for the Christmas Open House in November! Here's my setup:

Eva from Snappee Turtle launched her company the night of the open house and it was so fun to get to see her creations. She makes interchangeable headbands with a magnetic snap, hence the name. They're genius and very well made. She even adds fabric to the headbands and the flowers are so adorable. You can preorder her headbands and flowers right now to ship in early October when her snaps arrive.

What would a party be without food?! And I had to decorate like Christmas, my mother and hubby told me I didn't have a choice. Once it was all said and done it was fun to have the red & green out again!

Jessica's company is called Cards by Jessica and she makes beautiful cards, gift bags and gift tags. She had her bags & tags on one table and her huge assortment of cards on the other. Her designs are adorable - check out that cute "for ewe" sheep gift bag!

Thanks to Jessica and Eva for a night of fun and a special thanks to everyone who came out (and for my bestie Jaime for taking pictures while the open house was going on!).


  1. Lovely creations. I like the FaceBook pages.

  2. Thanks for posting this Amy! It was a lot of fun! Thanks again for inviting me to participate!


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