Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bedroom Redo (IKEA & Hobby Lobby)

While Hubby was gone for 6 days I decided to surprise him and re-do our room. We've had new bedroom furniture for about a year as well as some IKEA shelves. They've sat like this for the past year. I can hardly believe it's been that long and that I've so neglected our room.

So I asked my mom on the 4th of July if she wanted to spend the next day going to IKEA and shopping. It's a 2 hour drive and we started around noon so the kids didn't get to bed until about 10pm but it was a great day of shopping. I stayed up till about midnight unpacking, putting up curtains, etc just to realize that I didn't get enough "stuff" for the shelves. So the next day we headed to Hobby Lobby to complete the look before Hubby came back into town.

Our walls are two shades of gray so the decor is black and white with a pop of red. Here's how it turned out...

So many fun things! I love how I can change the red to any color as I want a change.

fabulous blanket & duvet cover from IKEA

One of my favorite pieces, the Scripture plaque from Hobby Lobby

This is just a small section of a huge picture to hang on the wall.
Completely black & white except for the red bike. LOVE.

The container at the top has a fun red lid so it contains my statement flower
necklaces. Below are the cute letters from Hobby Lobby. They can
always be spray painted later if I feel the urge to go white or a pop of color.
I love the way our room turned out, although I have been coveting A Beach Cottage's whole house. Someday I want to do at least a room in all white with subtle pops of color. Eventually I'll talk the hubs into letting me paint our fancy tables in our living room to make them shabby chic. I'm kind of a no-style creative person. I have no idea how to decorate or what style I'm going for but somehow this all went together.

Any redecorating going on in your life?
What is your favorite home goods store?


  1. I love it Amy! My colors are different but I always love new ideas. And my bedroom sorely needs some lovin!

  2. Hi Amy,

    The shelves is such a wonderful idea! I get bored easily, I doubt I would stay with just one look no matter how good it looks!
    I've done lots decorating in my own place, but very very very amateurish!

    Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  3. Love the redo. We are getting ready to repaint our master a lovely shade of grey, as well! I love hobby lobby! I can definitely get into trouble at that store! :oP

  4. Very original decor, Amy! The red is stunning. Beautiful job, and I love Ikea also:)

  5. I love this!! Very very cool how the red ties in, and the b&w photo with the red bike is just amazing!

  6. I love your shelves and how you have decorated them ;)
    Kia @ A View From Here

  7. Love it...great job! I'm in the middle of a bedroom and bathroom makeover so I know how much work is involved!

  8. Love the redo. It really looks gorgeous. Ikea is the best, right?


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