Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Weekend Away...

Friday morning my hubby woke me up at 6am and said "pack the overnight bag, we're leaving at 7." Every time he does this I have to ask him about 5 times, "Are you serious?" and he always is and I'm always excited. He never tells me where we're going, just a general idea of what types of clothes to pack. I knew that we were going somewhere with the kids, that I needed comfortable clothes and my swimming suit. That's all I knew as we pulled out of the driveway.

It turned out that we went to Kings Island for the day and hubby's parents and grandma came with us. We had a blast! We spent the morning at the main park, ate lunch at LaRosa's pizza then spent the afternoon at the water park. We were there for 12 hours and the kids did amazing.

On Saturday we went to IKEA - I love that place. I purchased a $5 lamp, a rug and some storage for the studio and then some shelves and decorations for our room. We need to get more decor for the shelves but that will come with time. Slowly our newly painted room is becoming the space that we want it to be. We're getting there! Any decorating suggestions for a room with gray walls? Our bedding is brown and blue...

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! My hubby should meet yours so he can learn about waking me to tell me to pack a bag - even if it is with the kids. I'm always the fun/travel planner. I haven't been to Ikea yet, but we will be going soon. Looking forward to it.


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