Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my printers drawer is filling up

Remember this printers drawer from my studio tour a while back?

It has been pitifully empty. About a month ago my grandma moved into assisted living and while I was cleaning out her pantry I found some great vintage spice tins. Then last week I was cleaning our our master bedroom, looking through my promise chest that my dad made me for my 16th birthday (swoon) I found a box of vintage trinkets that my mom gave me.

They belonged to my great grandmother on my dad's side and I forgot that I had them. There were ceramic animals, little Dutch (??) people, a little brass gun that was my dad's, thimbles, wooden spools, etc. The ceramic items say they come from "occupied Japan" so I'll have to look them up.

My printer drawer is finally filling up! If you have any trinkets that you don't want, let me know (ha). I'm excited to go thrifting and antiquing this summer to hopefully get more.

What's your favorite vintage hand-me-down?


  1. I love the little Sage tin. My daughter's name is Sage and she's now just starting to recognize written words like her name. Very cool!

  2. My daughter once told my dad she loved the owl necklace I had found from my teenage years. Being a flea market nut, he went to town and somehow found FORTY vintage owl necklaces/pins (and he doesnt spend more than a buck on them) to give her on her birthday! haha When I look, I never see them.


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