Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Studio Tour

I have been wanting to do a studio tour for so long! I guess I keep waiting until I can get it to look just right before I post pictures, but I fear that'll never be the case. I already want to change the paint color and it's only been this way for 2 years. But regardless I love it {could be because of my love for office supplies}. I'm hopelessly hooked on organizers, bookcases, bins and bins and more bins!

When you first walk into my studio and turn left, this is what you see. It's my corner for my cameras to hang, my sewing machine to store and all of my miscellaneous goodies. I have my completed sewn items, notions, crafting books, supplier catalogs, and lace. In the bottom right corner you can see my eyesore of an elliptical mat...

To the right you see my scrapbooking/papercrafting corner. Here is my eyesore/space-sucker elliptical machine. I used it once upon a time, but now it just takes up room. Anyone want an elliptical? In the tall cabinet there is a plethora of goodies... embellishments, paint, glitter, paper, ribbon, adhesive and more. All of my paper and general craft items are here. I purchased this tall paper storage rack from a local scrapbook shop that went out of business. The two bins in front of the elliptical are scrapbooking papers and scraps. They unfortunately don't fit in the cabinet so they're in plain sight.

I love this corner! On the top left are my jewelry supplies. Beads, blanks and stamps! On the bottom left are my tumbler {polishing}, wire, pliers, etc. See those little spice racks? They are from IKEA (as is the white lamp) and hold my crystals and pearls. I have a hanging mobile with pictures and notes from my loved ones to encourage me every day. I hardly ever sit in the chair because it's a little too tall so when I stamp I sit in a kitchen chair and when I package orders I stand. In the top right cabinet I have craft junk...I'm too embarrassed to show you what that looks like...oh, why not? I'll just show you.

Seriously? This is insane! How can anyone craft in this mess? Ugh. It's slightly better now (this pic was taken a few months ago). I have jars to be decoupaged, my die cut machines, ink cartridges, hot glue gun and soldering supplies.

Here's a closeup of the spice racks from IKEA, I got 3 and they hold my birthstones, pearls, headpins and miscellaneous Swarovski crystals.

This countertop is always a mess! The artwork is original artwork by Big E and Little E. They both love to paint and I love to display their work so it's a win-win. In the lazy susan (left corner) I hold my greeting cards and jars on the bottom row. In the drawers to the left are everything I need to ship: business cards, envelopes, labels, organza bags, etc. In the plastic bin (middle) are my stamping supplies. To the right are my Cricut Expression cartridges and more misc. craft supplies.

The fabric piles on the right are now in a nice shoe storage where they are folded and separated. The printers drawer on the top was a Christmas gift from my mom. She had one when I was growing up with trinkets in it and I remember it well. I've wanted one of my own for a while. I'm working on filling it up with vintage sewing notions.

In a nutshell, that's my studio! The cabinets were purchased at Lowe's, most of the storage and lamps are from IKEA (as is the white shag rug). What does your creative space look like?

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  1. What a great craft room! I need to get mine set up, right now our dining room table is my craft area!.....not ideal!

    I am friends with Ellie Moeller. We live here in Indy and are also adopting from Thailand! Love your crafts and jewelry!

    ps. I'll take your elliptical if you don't want it! I've wanted one for years!

  2. Very nice. I have on office for my medical transcription. I try to keep it as cheerful as possible, since I'm in here 8+ hours a day x5. But I want to add crafting to this room as well. Time will tell. You studio looks quite organized. Thanks for sharing.

    Theresa Wooten

  3. Awesome! I sadly don't have a dedicated craft space. I actually just blogged about it. One day when I do get my own craft space, I am going to use yours as inspiration for sure!!

  4. Wow how amazing is your craft room! I'm thinking of turning my little storage room into a craft room if I can fit. I LOVE your paper storage. It makes me want a scrapbooking store to go out of of business around here.


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