Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial with guest Christine!

Hello! Christine from MBC Scrapbooking here:) I'm going to show you a sweet felt corsage that takes just minutes to make. I made these for my family and girlfriends for Christmas, and they turned out really cute. It would be perfect for a Mothers' Day gift this Sunday as well.

1-4-11 095

For each corsage, you'll need:
-Two squares of felt, approximately 8x8 inches (the corsage will be about the size of your hand).
-A thin strip of the same felt, approximately 16 inches.
-A bar pin (aka brooch pin, preferably one without holes at the top for easy gluing; I used ones with foam tops).
-A glue gun (I first tried Liquid Stitch, but honestly, a glue gun worked way better!).

To make this corsage in bulk, I recommend cutting out all of your materials first, and then just line them all up and go! You'll have an array of corsages before you know it:)

Lay the two squares on top of each other like this, with the corners going in different directions. A dab of the glue gun in center between the two squares will hold them together.

12-16-10 028

In the center of the square, glue the top of the pin down.

Fold your 16-inch felt strip in half, and glue the center in the middle of the pin (underneath the actual needle/pin part so you can still use it;)  I glued the strip of felt to the sides of the pin too for extra security.

12-16-10 031

Once the glue is dried on the pin, turn it over so the pin is face down. Fold the corners of the squares up so that the ends are touching, and wrap the strip of felt around the base (about an inch above the pin). Tie in a bow, and fluff out the corners of the gathered squares to make a flower.

1-4-11 092

There you go, along with a few more felt accessory ideas that I created. Enjoy, and thank you for having me today, Amy!

1-4-11 095

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Thanks to Christine for guest posting today! Be sure to head on over to her blog and say "thank you"! Have a great day everyone!!

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