Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blessings Book Update

Remember when me and my bestie Chrissy made our Blessings Book? I thought I'd give you an update on mine. I have to admit I haven't done great with updating it, but have put in a few entries for January.

The start of January brought uncertainty in my husband's job, but we were at peace with the new opportunities that God was bringing our way. January was a month full of creativity. January 2011 was the best January that the business has had yet (a great start to a year full of growth, I hope). February 1st I had a snow day off of work and got to spend it with the family so of course that was included on the page as well. What are some of your blessings from the month of January? Have you made a blessings/gratitude journal?

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  1. You are right where you need to be, Amy. For my Gratitude Journal this year, I decided that I would write when I felt the need to, knowing that this year I didn't want to journal each and every day. And I feel so good about it.

    I did like reflecting every day last year, but I like reflecting when I WANT to this year. Neither way is right or wrong. It just is.

    Hoping that February brings peace for you and your husband about his happy that January was a good month for your business. Yippee!


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