Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Patchy Fabric Scarf

Quite a few weeks ago I went to my local fabric store and they were doing "Fat Tuesday" so I got a free fat quarter with my purchase. Since I found two coordinating fat quarters I decided to purchase one as well, even though they are pretty expensive compared to buying fabric off the bolt. I couldn't pass up the color combo! This is what I made {with fabric to spare for a clutch!!}.

And here is how I made it, in case you want to make one too!

I started with my two fat quarters. I pre-washed them, clipped the frayed edges and laid them right sides together. Sew the two pieces together using a seam the size of your presser foot.

Press open the seam.

Fold the fabric a few times until it's a width that is easy to cut. Cut it to a 7" width twice (so you have two 7" wide strips and one left that is a scrap). Take the two 7" wide strips and put them right sides together, sewing another seam. Press it open and now you have a really long strip of fabric with 4 alternating fabric pieces.

Fold the long edge on top of itself, right sides together. Sew a seam along the entire long edge.

Using a safety pin, turn it right side out.

When you get ready to press it, make sure that your seam is on the side, not the back. I did this so that no matter which way I wore my scarf you would never notice the seam.

Slowly press your scarf. I used a chopstick to press the seam all of the way out. It was tricky and slow-going, but worth it.

Now tuck in the end about 1/2" and pin the hole together. Repeat on the other end.

Sew along the entire scarf (all 4 edges) using a very small seam. Now it's ready to wear!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I'm looking forward to a week of crafting, relaxing, celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary and seeing our best friends from High School {which was over 10 years ago, I feel so old} who live in New Hampshire. I love Christmas break! 

(p.s. here is the clutch I made with the leftover fabric...so 2 fat quarters made the super-cool clutch and scarf!)

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  1. I love the scarf and the clutch! Definitely gonna give the scarf a try.


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