Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Personalized Car Bags

My kids love to have books in the car, but they always get thrown about the car and it drives me crazy. So I saw some canvas bags at Hobby Lobby last week and they were 50% off! I got a pack of 3 canvas bags for about $3.50. It was such a great deal. I used fabric scraps that I had so it was a very inexpensive project. I could have stitched around the letters but I got lazy. There are so many cute ways to embellish the bags, but I kept them simple since they're just for going to and from the car. Here's what I did...

pack of 3 canvas bags from Hobby Lobby

Iron on "Steam a Seam" to 2 scraps of fabric. At least I think that's what it's called.
I cut out my letters with the Cricut then pinned them to the fabric and cut them out.

Peel off paper from the back of the fabric.

Center on the bag and press.

Here are the simple bags (see the Big E and Little E? I thought that was clever)

Had to add the airplane for Little E!

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  2. Where can you purchase the Steam to Seam material?

  3. Kara - I got mine at our local sewing shop. I didn't know what it was called so I asked the lady what I needed to get to iron fabric to fabric and that's what she gave me. It didn't have a label so I think it was called "Steam a Seam" or something to that effect. Any fabric store should have something similar.


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