Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tuesday I had enough...I was so sick of the island in our kitchen looking like this...

There's always junk on there. The camera charger, receipts, binders, books, magazines, diapers, etc. So I went to the local grocery store and found a 2 drawer organizer that was on clearance for $9. It was perfect.

I organized my coupons, put "to do" items in the first drawer. (yes, I highlight in my magazines and cut them out - don't be a hater). In the bottom drawer for the time being I have restaurant coupons.

Now the island looks like this (granted, now it needs decoration)...

And my drawers are tucked nicely by the shredder and side of the refrigerator, hidden from most people's sight when they are in our kitchen.

I think I might have to add some pizazz to the top of the box with some fun scrapbook paper, but that is for another day. Ah, how I love organization!
Don't forget about Bracelets for Goats!

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