Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changes to the Website

Lately I've felt like I needed to condense my website. There are so many products that I feel like it can be overwhelming. So I've started condensing products that come in multiple metals. So far I've edited 5 and removed 8 duplicate items. It feels good to clean it up a bit, but it takes so long. Here are the updated items as of now...

Milestone Necklace | Gold Filled or Sterling Silver

Double Hole Dainty Necklace | Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
(the option of gold is brand new!)

Mini Necklace | Gold Filled, Sterling, Brass or Copper

Medium Necklace | Gold Filled, Sterling, or Copper

Stylized Heart | Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
Don't forget about Bracelets for Goats!

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