Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well, Little E has finally turned two. This weekend he's been running a fever so we weren't sure if we'd have his birthday party, but he was doing okay this morning so we decided to load him up with Tylenol and still have it. He did mostly good once he fully woke up from his nap (I woke him up before he was ready). I can't believe two years has gone by already. You never really understand how fast it goes until you become a parent. People would always tell me that time goes by so fast and I never really believed it until I had Big E. She'll be five in October. Both kids are such a joy (most days) and we can't imagine our lives without them!
pondering all of the gifts...they're all for me??
he needed a little bit of help...
so good!

Everyone (minus my dad who was working - praise God - and Uncle Scott who is in training for the US Army) was able to be there. We are so blessed to have wonderful family that all live close. Even my mom's best friend from childhood, Debbie, was there. We love our families and they are the one reason we are still living in Indiana. They are all so good to us.
GiGi Rusher (Dave's gma), Mimi, GiGi Stoll (my gma) and Debbie
loving on GiGi Stoll
For the decorations I thought I'd do a mini tutorial for y'all. The hanging decorations were various colors and sizes of circles that I cut from my Cricut Expression. I also cut 8 2's to put on the largest circles for the bottom of the streamer. To put the circles together, all you do is run them through the sewing machine. Once you get to the bottom of a circle, you put another one in the machine. When you get to the bottom you put the number circle on, backstitch and you're all done. I hung them from the ceiling with clear tape. So simple!

For the cupcake toppers I cut some starbursts, circles and 2's from my Cricut and glued the 2's onto the circles. Then I turned the circles over, put a dollop of glue and adhered 1/4 of a wooden skewer. Once that was dry I glued the starburst to the back of the circle to cover up the skewer. Then I stuck them in the cupcakes.

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