Saturday, July 31, 2010

My First Amy Butler Purse

Friday morning I decided to try an Amy Butler pattern that I bought at the local fabric store. The store only sold 12" zippers, (and I didn't realize you could resize sippers) so I decided to make the biggest Toiletry bag in this set. I have not worked with a zipper since I was in HomeEc in High School so this one took me a while. Well, the zipper and the fact that both of my kids were running around, wanting a movie or milk and glittering hearts for their dad [which anyone who knows me knows that giving my kids glitter is nerve-wracking and I can't stand it]. But after about 2 hours, I was done! And I'm happy I did it because it taught me some things about how to do the lining for bags and how to do zippers. I might even make some of these for gifts, we'll see!

Speaking of Amy Butler, did you guys know she has an online shop? She sells purses, bedding and more. I'm in trouble! I'm hopelessly hooked on her fabric and paper designs, so to be able to purchase one of her purse designs without having to spend time making it is amazing to me. Oh boy, here comes another addiction! (photo courtesy of Amy Butler's site here)

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