Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Craft Inspiration: Scalloped Apron

I'm not going to call this a tutorial but I will give you some insight as to how I made this. I wouldn't do it exactly the same next time, but I think it's pretty easy for most people to do without having a pattern.  I forgot to change my pictures to not all have steps 1-4 so sorry about that!

1. I started by folding a piece of paper in half and making a scalloped pattern for the base of the apron.
2. Then I eyeballed how large I wanted the pocket to be.
3. I cut the base fabric (floral) and back (solid pink) fabrics from my pattern. I also cut a pink pocket from the rectangle pocket pattern I made in step 2.
4. You can see the two beautiful fabrics, cut out and ready!

Instruction set 2
1.  Next I cut out my pink fabric for my ties. Mine were 3.5" by 43".
2. I wanted a angled corner on the ties so I cut those with my rotary tool. Just a warning, doing this and sewing along 3 edges makes it hard to turn inside out, but it can be done!
3. Sew a 1/4" seam along the two long edges and angled edge. Turn right side out using a wooden skewer. Then also use the skewer to get the seam all of the way out to press (as pictured).
4. Fold and press 3/8" along all edges of the pocket. Sew the top edge only to 1/4" seam.

Instruction set 3
1. Sew the pocket on the floral fabric for the remaining 3 edges (top left open, duh, it's a pocket!). Sew down the middle of the pocket to make 2 pockets.
2. Put the fabric right sides facing each other. Take the ties and tuck them inside the apron pieces with the two ends sticking out. This is hard to explain so hopefully it will make sense as you're making it!
3. Sew along all edges, leaving about 4" on the top center so you can turn it right side out. Clip the excess ties that are sticking out (the short edge, not the whole tie that is hopefully still inside the apron).
4. Turn right side out, ties and all and use the skewer to get all of the scallops out. Press where the opening is to make it look seamless.

Instruction set 4
1. Sew very close to the edge, all the way around the apron to finish.
2. Big E tried to take a picture of me with the apron on. After many failed attempts, I went with this one.
3. Ready to ship to my best bud...just because I love her and I know she'll appreciate it. It's so fun to send things to people when you know they will just smile when they open the package! It's the best!
4. Bathroom self-portrait once again just like this apron. This one turned out a little better though!

Enjoy! If I missed any steps please let me know so I can edit this. I hope I've inspired you to try something new!

This is a completely original Amy Cornwell Design. Please feel free to make it yourself but don't sell it. Thank you!

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