Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's almost time for Google Reader to say bye-bye. Google Reader is how I used to read my blogs until they made their announcement to shut down. I tried a few different readers on my phone and ended up choosing Bloglovin'. So far I love it! It is easy to read my favorite blogs on my phone (or computer) and I can "heart" articles that I want to revisit later. Be sure to change over your Google Reader blogs to another reader before July 1st!

If you want to try Bloglovin', here's a great post on how to easily (two clicks) transfer your favorite blogs over. Jennine transferred over about 500 blogs in a very short time.

Already on Bloglovin'? You can follow my blog easily by clicking here! {don't forget...this is my old blog...new posts are over at amycornwell.com!}


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