Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Update

Last week as I was prepping to do Freebie Friday I realized that I didn't blog all week! It didn't even cross my mind. There's lots going on in the studio and I'm excited for what spring holds. I'll be updating my blog and website with an ENTIRELY new look so there will be new products, some old products will be discontinued and some will just get a facelift (and font style coming!!).

325 necklaces in process!
I'm also prepping for the SNAP! Conference in April. I'm one of the corporate sponsors so I'm working like a busy bee to get 325 necklaces made up and shipped in time. Thankfully I have people to help polish and package, I just have to get them all stamped this week! So forgive me as I'm off in production mode this month!

We had a great weekend celebrating a friend's son's 5th birthday. My friend Leslie did an amazing job with the Lego-themed party. She found her ideas on Pinterest and not a detail was forgotten. She amazes me!

I'm so excited about the leather bracelets that arrived this weekend from Israel and you all are too! I received so many comments on Facebook and Instagram so I'm excited that you all love them as well. I can't wait to design with these!

All in all, a great weekend! It'll be quiet here on the blog in the coming weeks, but great things are coming so stay tuned! What was your favorite part of the weekend?


  1. Exciting! I reorganized my crafts and set up a craft area this weekend...I can't wait to sit down and fo things!

  2. YAY for new font style coming :) And I'm in love with those leather bracelets!


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