Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial {home decor} with Megan!

Hey! It's Megan from Brassy Apple! It's not just clothes that scream at me to be refashioned but furniture and odds and ends do to! 

A little Mod podge, decorative paper napkins and a second hand store find and I created this: 

Statue, vase, decorative piece to makeover
Decorative paper napkins
Mod podge

Step 1: I loved the shape of the piece I found but it looked off. Then I noticed it was broken on the top.

So before I bought it I searched for a piece to add to the top of it to balance it out. I found a wooden egg shape and it was perfect! A little glue (and dry time) and my I had a new shape to makeover!

Step 2: Unfold a napkin and apply a layer of Mod Podge to a medium sized area. Lay the napkin on top of the Mod Podge and start to smooth out and mold it to the under lying shape. 

Continue the process until the entire thing is covered. 

Step 3: Apply a layer of Mod Podge over the top to adhere the napkin well and to seal it. Smooth out with your fingers. I loved the folds, wrinkles and texture the napkin made. I did NOT try to make it perfectly smooth - you won't get it to do that with a napkin. 

Also - if your napkin tears just cut or rip a piece of napkin and apply over the top. The design on mine made it easy to add layers and over lap without it being obvious. 

Let it dry, place it and enjoy it! This entire project cost me UNDER $5.00! So next time you are thrifting or yard saleing, try to see the shape of the object and how it could be transformed!

Thanks Megan for joining us today and sharing this fabulous project! Can y'all believe that's a napkin?! Genius! Now I want to head to Goodwill and see what I can find to Mod Podge! Be sure to check out Megan's blog for other fabulous ideas and her shop for super cute sewn products and patterns!

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  1. Love how easy, fantastic looking and inexpensive ths is!


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