Friday, February 24, 2012

NikkiE Made It {{product review}}

NikkiE Made It is one of my fabulous sponsors and she recently opened her business selling bath & body products. When Nikki contacted me about trying out her products for a review I was all over it! I love bath & body products so I was super excited to try hers out. Her products are paraben and preservative free, which I love (find out why this is important here).

I was so excited to open my box of body spray, body butter and sugar scrub. I used the sugar scrub right away on my hands and it made them feel amazingly smooth. Later on in the week I used it on my arms in the shower, I just rubbed the sugar in until it dissolved and my arms were silky. I also used it on my feet. At night, I use the body butter on my feet and then put on socks, which is really helping to heal my wintery dry skin. The body butter is really thick and luxurious and all three products are Exotic Coconut scent, which makes me feel like I'm on vacation. The most versatile product is the body spray. Honestly, I'm not a big body spray person. I don't really wear perfume or body spray, but I read on the back of the package {which looks really professional} that you could use the body spray as leave-in conditioner. Normally my hair gets greasy easily, so the first time I used it on my hair I did it BEFORE I went in the shower. It actually made my hair really soft, even after I washed my hair. A few days later I used it AFTER my shower (4-5 pumps, not too much) and it made my hair soft but not greasy. Overall, I'm really pleased with these products. You can check out NikkiE's current products and be sure to head over to her Facebook page and tell her "hello" from us here at ACD. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Amy,

    Wanted to order an item from your store but it isn't working.

    Hope it's back online soon.


    1. Hi Dom! What product are you looking for? I'm sorry the website isn't working, it's been down since yesterday and I hope to get it back up very soon. If you're looking for the True Love ring, it can be purchased via Etsy here:

  2. Amy, Just purchased the true love ring on Etsy.

    I was looking for the more than enough copper tag and cross.

    have a great week,


    1. Okay, I'll try to add a few more items to the Etsy shop today...been trying to work out getting the real site back! Hopefully soon!


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