Friday, February 17, 2012

InstaFriday - a peek at my week

Today I'm linking up for the first time with Jeanett from Life Rearranged for her InstaFriday, where people share their Instagram shots for the week (follow me: amycornwell).

We finally finished the living room - it was totally gutted! New paint, 
new furniture, new decor. All that's left is some wall hangings and it 
will be completely finished. I love how light and airy it is now. 
Totally my style compared to the way it looked before!

Every other Sunday night we have home group at our house. 
We're studying "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman and it's amazing. 
I love doing life with these folks - they are all so amazing.

One of my devotionals that I do every day is one on my phone by 
Joyce Meyer (Promises for your Everyday Life). It's amazing. 
Almost every day I find something that I want to share, 
it's that good and thought-provoking. It takes just 
a few minutes to read and makes a huge impact.

I had my first bulk order for the True Love ring this week for a 
local sorority (although the purchaser didn't know we were in the 
same state). Theta's should be getting these next week!

I went all out for Valentine's Day this year (well, for me since I
normally don't do much). The sugar cookies are my kryptonite,
so on the 16th, they went in the garbage. I just have no willpower.
But they were delicious and I got my fill on the 14th!

I had a few extra minutes and some friends that I wanted to send 
notes to, so I pulled out the trusty vintage typewriter to give the 
notes a fun look. I knew the recipients would love it.

I am a lazy bum when it comes to working out so when I felt the 
urge to run yesterday, I went with it. I ran my personal best time - 
I think the cold and rain helped with that. I'm learning that I'm 
in a much better space if I exercise, it's just getting myself 
to do it. I never want to, but I'm in a much better mindset if I do.

I just thought this was a good reminder today. A friend and 
customer ordered it and it is such a great reminder that 
it's never too late to do what you love to do.

life rearranged


  1. LOVE it all!! OK I just got an Iphone, just took my 1st Instagram picture and posted it today... so I am a lil behind. How do I get Joyce Meyers devotionals on my phone?? Love her but DUH here LOLOL

  2. Loving that quote in your last picture!
    Welcome to InstaFriday too! My first link up was two weeks ago and it is crazy how addicted I have become to it!

  3. Is that excerisees pic an app? The one that shows u how much u run? Im curious...Haha

  4. Yes, it's the Nike running app :)


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