Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tank Top Refashion

It never fails that Big E ruins a shirt the first time she wears it. It was no different the first time she wore this stripe tank. French fries & ketchup did the job.

I'm not going to lie, I considered just throwing it away. It was only $3 and my laziness almost won out. But then I thought, surely I can put a ruffle or something on it! I just used some of the tulle left from the flowers I've been making and 3 buttons. Easy-peasy! I'm going to let the pictures show you how it's done, it's THAT easy!

Big E's all-girl so she was happy to have a pretty shirt to put on. Isn't she the cutest?!

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  1. so cute--its amazing what a tiny pop of tulle can do! This reminds me of the Matilda Jane line--but you've done a lot cheaper and I think cute too!

  2. Soo cute!
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  3. that is tooo cute! I love up-cycling especially clothes into things my daughter can use. I will definitely have to try this or something similar to it since I just finished my last project T-Shirt Bag which I found on another blog . Thanks for the idea! :)

  4. This is SO adorable! Great job!

  5. Great cover up!
    I have three boys and never ending stains! However, I have found the BEST stain treater when I found Shout Advanced Gel in the blue bottle! This stuff is magic! I have even gotten out stains on clothes that were washed and dried! I throw away very few clothes for stains these days!


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