Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New In Shop: OOAK Raised Edge Soldered Necklaces

On Monday I went through my scrap sterling pile, looking for items that I could make new again. The scrap pile is filled with "oops" items that I mis-stamped or where letters were a little bit crooked. I found three raised edge discs and had the fabulous idea to solder on a mini for a unique look. I am SO happy with how they turned out. I'm even happier to know that these three charms were saved from the melting pot, I feel so earthy and resourceful ;)
The first two necklaces have a hammered mini that is stamped with text. The third has a smooth mini that is also stamped with text. They are all sterling silver and currently on sale!

enjoy life | sterling silver, Swarovski crystal & cubic zirconia starfish

love much | sterling silver & freshwater pearl

love, joy, peace | sterling silver, Swarovski channel drop, freshwater pearl

Like what you see? Receive 10% off of every item in the new One of a Kind category by using coupon code "ooak".

Don't forget - TODAY is the LAST DAY to order for Father's Day!

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