Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creative Estates {managing chaos}

While at Creative Estates I had a booth at the handmade market and I got to meet a TON of creative ladies.

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I looked up and saw the sweet Megan from Brassy Apple (who I love) walk in with Becky Higgins!! I was so excited because I love Becky and her baby, Project Life. Thankfully I was right by the entrance so as she was walking out I stopped her and thanked her for making such a great product. She took time to have a conversation with me about how I use project life and also my business. I told her my name and she said "I know Amy Cornwell" and I about fell over. THE Becky Higgins recognized my name! Granted, she didn't know WHY she recognized my name, but I choose not to think about that ;) Megan was gracious enough to ask if I had a camera for a photo-op.

While at Creative Estates Becky, Megan, Melanie (Above All Fabric) and Becki (Whippy Cake) were on a panel talking to us about balancing motherhood and your business. It was such an informative talk and I wanted to share a few takeaways from that session because I know almost all of us business owners (and just moms in general) deal with how to balance and DO IT ALL.

Source: sandyalamode
Here are a few nuggets from the session called "Happy Chaos":
  • one family calendar - on the Mac so that it synchs on iPhones, iPads, etc (Becky H)
  • share your talents with your children - if you need to craft, let the kids craft too (Megan)
  • plan meals for the week on Sunday (Melanie)
  • achieve your own level of success, it'll come in its own time - "It took 5 years to become an overnight success" (Megan)
  • don't be hard on yourself for letting your kids do what other parents don't (i.e. TV). be true to yourself. (Becki)
  • one notebook for everything: task list, ideas, etc (Becky)
  • rewards to stay motivated - date nights, family outing, pedicure - when you complete a goal (Becky)
These ladies know their stuff and had some great ideas for us all. The great thing is that they're not perfect and don't have all of the answers - they're just like us. But I'm grateful for each of the 4 ladies for sharing with us and making me think outside of my box that I've built. Thanks Becky, Megan, Melanie & Becki! 

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  1. I love the comment "it took five years to become an overnight success"...


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