Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jewelry design FAIL

I had this grand idea to stamp some gorgeous channeled ring blanks...I had such high hopes. When it came to stamping said blanks, my hopes failed.

My first problem was stamping with the lovely typewriter font. Stamping something curved isn't easy and the "e" did not want to cooperate.

Then I decided to stamp hubby and I's name, still trying to see if I could get it to work. I decided to use my smallest 1/16" block font because the stamps were smaller, fitting inside of the channel. UNTIL I got to the M which was too wide and hit the channel. So I had to use lowercase...ugh.

Still hoping to redeem myself I decided to stamp the kids names in the lowercase 1/16" font (which I don't like in the first place). Obviously these e's weren't on my side either.

I think I might have to wire wrap this one like the one I just sold on Facebook and call it an unsuccessful attempt at stamping a blank with a channel. Bummer. These could have been really cute if they would have worked out.

Have any of you had any craft fails lately?

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  1. I glued some paper into brass ring blanks and ended up with air bubbles under the glass gems that I put on top. Fail. :(

  2. I always screw things up . You learn from your mistakes.


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