Monday, March 28, 2011

Briolette Update

Finally the briolettes are here and ready to be photographed. These are the smaller briolettes for the My Angel bracelet and necklace as well as the You Are The Key bracelet and necklace. The colors are gorgeous and you have 9 to choose from! They are 11mm in size and are Swarovski Elements faceted briolettes.

The dark indigo is VERY DARK as you can see in the picture. I held it up to the light to take the inset picture on the top right so you can see the actual color. The silver shade has a slight coating that will pick up the color of whatever you're wearing. And I love the fern green for reminds me of new growth and my flowers starting to peek up from under the mulch.

I love them! Tonight they will be available in the add-ons section for just $8 each so that you can continue to design your own heirloom piece.

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