Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Kindle (or iPad) Zipper Pouch

This Kindle Pouch is very easy to make and can be embellished with ruffles before you put it together if you so choose. It can be adapted to any size so it's perfect for a Nook or iPad as well. You can make one to fit just about anything, including a laptop if you have a long enough zipper! Here we go...

You'll need fabric for the outside and fleece for the inside.
Cut both the same size with 1" along all edges.
For example, my Kindle is 8x5.25" so I cut my fabric 10x7.25".
You also need one zipper.

My fleece is only soft on one side, so placement is important.

Along the short edge, layer the fleece soft side up,
zipper with teeth up and fabric right side down.

Sew along the zipper (be sure to use a zipper foot, it's easier).

Flip the fleece and fabric wrong sides together. I like to make a
seam here as well to finish the look, but it's completely optional.

Repeat on the other side of the zipper and then open the zipper
to about 1" from the edge of the fabrics.

Match up the fabrics, right sides together (i.e. fleece right sides together and then
fabric right sides together.) Sew all along the edges, leaving about 4"
as an opening to turn it right side out.

Here's the opening I left for turning.

Clip off the excess zippers. I almost forgot to do this!

Turn it right side out, and then fold over the edges of the opening.

Sew the opening closed using a straight or zig-zag stitch, it doesn't matter which.

Push the lining back into the bag, being sure to get the corners!

All done! I used a seam that was the size of my presser foot, but if I were to
do it again I'd use a 1/2" seam on the entire thing.
My pouch was just a tiny bit too big, but I still love it!

Slips through the zipper just perfectly!

I'd love to know if you make one of these yourself! Be sure to come back and leave a link in the comments if you do. Also, if you craft and would like to be considered for a Tuesday Tutorial guest post here, please contact me!

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  1. oooh, you should start selling these!! can you imagine them in the Amy Butler fabrics??? and what about a handle of sorts, where would you put something like that on here?? got my creative juices flowing, thanks!
    Jenn Post

  2. Wow - that is incredible! Love it. I wish I was better at basic sewing, I would try this! I agree with the comment above, you should try selling these! :)


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