Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life - January 2011

I'm so excited to be doing Project Life again for 2011. I love to scrapbook, but traditional scrapbooking just takes me too long with all of the other crafts I like to have my hands into. So Project Life was perfect for me in 2010. When I saw that Becky had two designs for 2011, I jumped right on the Amber Album. It's beautiful and I'm so excited to print my January pictures and get them in the album (as well as finishing 2010). Here are some of my favorites for this month.

Big E loves to play on her Daddy's iPad. I love the glow on her face!

I have many pictures like this, a favorite before-bed pastime.

You think she's like her mother? She loves taking pictures (and self-portraits).

It never fails that I wear my flats instead of boots on days that it snows.

Mimi brought us all Starbucks! Great day!

Making a tent with the kitchen table and curtains.

He wanted to sleep in his tent for naptime. Wasn't sure how it would work out but
he did great. Didn't get out to play or anything. We haven't tried a second time yet.

Big E amazes me. She loves to write and do math. I gave her 7 problems
and she got them all right. She'll do so well in Kindergarten next year.
She adds IN HER HEAD. Not on her fingers. I can barely even do that. :)


  1. I need to start doing that! I am still on my sons 9 month page and he's 11!!
    I like that you just add your pictures to a cute design;}

  2. Guess what? I have those same flats! Destined to be besties I tell you!


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