Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial {on Thursday}: Another Coffee Cozy!

Here's another lovely coffee cozy for you to make. This one is made of felt and some embellishments - that's it! Another great way to use up your scraps. Let's get started...

Layer two pieces of felt and the opened cozy from Starbucks. Pin.

Cut around the cozy using pinking shears
(or normal scissors if you want a straight edge).

Sew along the whole thing using twine from The Twinery or embroidery
floss (or stitch with your sewing machine, it'll be quicker).

Get some embellishments like flowers and buttons, and sew them on the cozy.

Pretty flowers!

Wrap the cozy around the cup, checking for size and
then sew on a button to close. Done!

Love it! This one is going to a friend who I know drinks coffee
but I'm not sure if she drinks Starbucks. We'll see!


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