Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Lacy Hat Pin

I've mentioned this a few times on my Facebook page lately - but Little Miss Momma has been such an inspiration to me. She's SUPER creative (and not to mention gorgeous). When she posted her lace flower necklace the other day I knew I needed to make one (and I did). Later I realized I needed a flower pin...not for anything particular, I just needed one (you feel me, right?). So I asked Little Miss Momma if she cared that I post a tute inspired by her necklace and she gave me the go-ahead so here you go!

You only need a few things: lace, felt, pearls, glue gun, pinback and scissors. Cut out a circle in the felt that is the size that you want the flower to be. Put a line of hot glue along the edge and start pressing down your lace, turning as you go. Continue to add hot glue, wrapping the lace toward the center. I wanted mine to be full so I kept adding lace right next to the line before it. Keep wrapping until you get to the center and cut off the excess. Roll up the end and stick it in a dollop of hot glue in the center. 

Put a big dollop of hot glue in the center and add however many pearls you want (I added three). Add a small dot of glue on the outside raw edge and stick it to the lace on the row beside it (see the middle picture). We're almost done! This seriously took about 10 minutes and that included taking pictures! Add the pinback on the top 1/3 of the back of the flower. I didn't like the look of the pin by itself, so I cut a square to cover the middle of the pinback. I glued that down and it's all set! Easy peasy!

Wear it on your sweater or coat...

Or on your super cool new hat!

Don't want to make one? Get one here.

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