Monday, January 31, 2011

New In Shop: Captured Necklace and Dainty Bracelet

It was a creative weekend! I started the update on the website to make it easier to navigate and am in the process of updating all of the to be discontinued items. I also made a few new items and added them on Saturday.

The first is the Captured Necklace. Who has captured your heart? Is it your children? Your spouse? Your best friend? Celebrate your loved ones with this lovely birdcage necklace. Paired with it is a beautiful 5-6mm freshwater pearl. I love the vintage look to this necklace!

The second is a Dainty Gold Filled Bracelet. I've had these charms for over a year and just now was inspired to use them. I think this bracelet would be perfect with 3-4 layered on your wrist. You can also use this to celebrate your loved ones or have your favorite reminders stamped. It is curved to lay flat on the wrist. The chain is wire-wrapped to the clasp and charm for security.

I hope you all had a good weekend and a great start to your week!


  1. They sound lovely!
    Especially liking the bracelets!

  2. I wanted to let you know that I received my necklace today that I recently ordered!! (the necklace that said Ryan) and I LOVE it!! thank you so much.

    I even blogged about it on my blog...


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