Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Seriously} 10 Minute Scarf Tutorial

I'm calling this my {Seriously} 10 Minute Scarf because it seriously took me 10 minutes. This was SUCH an easy scarf to make. I literally made it, took pictures, edited and posted this on my lunch break. So wonderful!

First, lay your patterned knit on top of your solid knit. Cut out two 52x4" strips (so you'll have 2 of each color, but leave the patterned on top of the solid and cut them out that way)

Start sewing at one end, backstitch. Using your thumbs, create a ruffle as
you go down the length of the fabric. It's SO easy. Just keep gathering
and sewing till you get 1" from the edge.

When you get to the end, separate the two fabrics and put the
second set inside the first, overlapping about 1/2"

Lay the first patterned fabric back down and continue sewing/gathering.
Backstitch at the end.

Being careful not to pull on your stitching, pull on the edges of the knit.

Look at the ruffly goodness!

The infamous bathroom self-portrait

Love it! And it was so easy. These would make great Christmas gifts.
Be sure to let me know if you make some of these {Seriously} 10 Minute Scarves and share the link so we can all see how you made them yourselves. Happy crafting!

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  1. Sarah - I'm not sure if it's jersey, how can I tell?

  2. So you didn't have to sew the edges of the fabric, just pull it? Ca-UTE!

  3. Right Monika - knit doesn't fray so it's just the one seam!!


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